Grilled Skirt Steak Tacos Topped with Chimichurri

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Tacos, although are of Mexican origin, have become one of the most common
American family dinners today. The big ‘taco boom’ in our country began in the late 1940’s and has since evolved. More and more households have embraced the culture behind authentic tacos, even though still a typical taco in our neck of the woods includes a hard shell, ground beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. Once you’ve had an asada or al pastor street taco in it’s true form, you will think a basic Americanized taco is a thing of the past. I’ve written up an elevated taco recipe that adds a bit of pizzaz to the authentic carne asada street taco. It absolutely will not disappoint. My chimichurri recipe includes the 2 common garnishes for an everyday antojito on the streets of Mexico City and my skirt steak rub will make your guests coming back for seconds.


Skirt Steak Ingredients
1 ½ - 2 Lbs trimmed skirt steak
2 Limes (juiced, ¼ cup)
½ Cup light tasting EVOO
2-3 Tbs fresh garlic (minced)
1 Tsp onion powder
½ Tbs ground cumin
½ Tbs dried Mexican oregano
1 Tbs smoked paprika
Pink Himalayan salt (to taste)
Chimichurri Ingredients
½ Cup light tasting EVOO
2 Tbs red wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
¾ Cup Italian parsley (finely chopped)
3-4 Cloves garlic (finely minced)
½ - 1 Jalapeno (deseeded and finely minced)
2 Shallots (finely minced)
¾ Tsp dried oregano
2 Tsp pink Himalayan salt (or Merlot salt)
Black pepper (to taste)
½ Tsp Red pepper flakes
¼ Cup red bell pepper (finely minced)

Skirt Steak Directions

-In a gallon size Ziploc bag add the skirt steak and all the remaining ingredients. Seal bag, making sure to let all of the air out. Then rub the ingredients well into the skirt steak. Allow to marinade for 2 to 12 hours in the refrigerator.
-Allow the skirt steak to reach room temperature before grilling. This should take 30 minutes.
-Preheat grill to 450 degrees.
-Cook the skirt steak over direct flame for 3-5 minutes on each side or until the meat has reached a temperature of 125-130 degrees.
-Place the cooked meat on a plate and cover with aluminum foil. Allow the steak to rest for 5-10 minutes.

Chimichurri Directions

-Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Taste test and doctor as needed.
-Allow to chill before serving.


-When preparing the cooked steak for tacos, be sure to use your Spaceman Chef’s knife to cut against the grain.
-If you would like to elevate and already elevated taco, lightly smoke the garlic, red bell pepper, and shallots for the chimichurri before preparing. Just make sure the produce has cooled before chopping and mixing into the other ingredients.
-Before letting your coals or grill cool down, make sure to throw your tortillas on to heat them up!
-If you can’t find skirt steak, you can substitute it for flank or flap steak. After all there’s only 2 skirt steaks per cow.

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